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We work collaboratively with our community partners in promoting and facilitating the development of a skilled, relevant, inclusive and adaptive labour force.  The Durham Workforce Authority produces an annual Labour Market Plan based on analyses of labour market information specific to Durham Region.  

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Labour market information is critical in workforce planning. It provides key information about both employed and unemployed populations in a community including their commuting patterns, occupations, skill sets and average wages. It also provides details on the businesses in an area - the industry sectors in which they operate, for example, and which ones are developing. DWA plays an important role in the Durham community through its collection and dissemination of this information.  The Durham Workforce Authority is involved (through the Local Employment Planning Council) in connecting employers and service providers (along with their ideas and resources) with one another with the objective of shaping change in the local labour market. The desired change includes planning the delivery of training more effectively, increasing our combined knowledge of local labour market conditions and addressing the needs of employers in the realm of labour force development.  

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One of the ways we seek to accomplish our mission is by developing and maintaining a comprehensive list of community partners, organizations and resources that offer services to help connect job seekers with employers. These service providers can be found through the Service Search menu in list view or map view formats. Simply select the services you require and click the balloon or Agency name to find the contact details and service offerings for each of our partners.

Part of our mission is to encourage workforce development in the community and maintenance of a sustainable and dynamic labour pool. By continually researching the local market and highlighting in-demand occupations, DWA provides key information to community members, including teachers, to assist them in helping students (our future job seekers) in developing the necessary skill sets for successful careers.  If career counseling is the development activity that you feel will be the most beneficial in finding your path, select that option from the "service search" menu. The resulting map will identify all of the community centres and organizations in the area that provide career counseling as part of their offerings.  

The mission of the Durham Workforce Authority is three-fold:

  • To produce and offer comprehensive Labour Market Information to our stakeholders.
  • To facilitate workforce solutions by engaging community partners and employers.
  • To encourage development and maintenance of a sustainable and dynamic workforce.

In concert with the broader Durham community, including job seekers and employers as well as educators, the DWA develops workforce initiatives to address local issues identified by its ongoing market research, and makes this information readily available to the local workforce and other stakeholders.  We invite you to use our online system to help you find the right match for your needs. This resource includes an extensive list of the agencies that exist in the region to assist you in finding employment, or employees, along with details of the specific types of services they offer and how to contact them.   

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